Getting New Customers

Starting a handyman business is just like starting any business, you have to put yourself out there. People have to know that you are in business. Years ago when I started there were many small weekly papers and the advertising was reasonable and effective. There are still some out there but they aren’t as popular as before. Here are a few steps for getting customers.

Create a simple web site that describes what you do and include some photos. Get on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked in to name a few and share home improvement advice. Be sure to link to your web site. Put your web site address on everything including your business cards and any signs.. Make it easy to find you and contact you.

Answer emails and phone calls promptly and follow up. Let them know you want the business. People don’t want to chase you. Use a cell phone for your business so you can take calls no matter where you are. You never know when someone will call.

List yourself with Google My Business at: . It’s free and gives you good exposure. This is the local version of Google so it will expose your business in your own area.

If you live in a subdivision, make a list of all the addresses and send a postcard to everyone on the list. Let them know you live nearby and can help them promptly. There are many places to have postcards made locally and online.

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