Great time for Handyman Business or any Self Employment

The economy is improving slowly and the number of jobs available is increasing. In spite of this good news, many of those new jobs pay less and don’t provide health insurance. The housing market is also improving even though it’s much more difficult to get financing. There is definitely some good news but unfortunately there are still many unemployed and underemployed individuals. There is a brighter side for those considering starting a handyman business or self employment in some other field.

Self employment has always offered the freedom of doing your own thing if you are willing to face the hard work of doing it all yourself. That is still the case and for those with the skills and the required business acumen, self employment can lead to a good living standard.

For many years getting health insurance was one of the most difficult obstacles to successful self employment. For years the only coverage I could afford was major medical and that only with a high deductible. In just a couple of months that obstacle will be removed by the Affordable Health Care Act which should make quality health insurance available to self employed individuals and everyone else.

If you have handyman skills, now is the time to start your own handyman business and establish yourself in a position that will pay a living wage and can’t be terminated by anyone else. You can even start part-time and then expand it into a full-time business. Watch this blog for more information.

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