More on Getting Customers

For most of us the handyman business is a one-on-one process. You are the single contact for a customer from the sale of the work through doing the work and collecting for the job when it’s completed. This entire process can be an enjoyable exchange or an unpleasant one. Certainly you will run across unpleasant people but often the unpleasantness begins with a snide remark or an unnecessary discussion about a negligible fee. Here are a few things that can help you get more work.

1. Make the entire job a pleasant experience by being nice and cooperative throughout. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember that you are setting the groundwork for additional jobs for them or their friends and family.

2. This is not white collar work so there is no need to dress up but make certain you are neat and clean whenever you are at the job.

3. Clean up after yourself by picking up messes as you go along. Don’t wait until the end of the day and give someone an opportunity to trip or otherwise hurt themselves because of debris laying around.

4. Listen and don’t be condescending. You do know more about home repair than they do and that’s why they hired you instead of doing the job themselves. Appreciate their questions and answer them clearly and without sarcasm.

5. Do everything you promised before asking for final payment.

6. Don’t request more than the agreed upon price even if you made a mistake and underestimated the job. Consider it a great lesson that you won’t forget.

These things will make a difference and contribute to invaluable word of mouth advertising that will bring you much more business.

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