Quality Work

While success is dependent on profit, it is just as dependent on quality. The quality of your work is an important factor in whether your customer calls you again or refers you to someone else and both are critical to financial success.

To deliver quality on every job you need to have good skills and a willingness to learn. If you don’t know exactly how to do a job, learn before you start. And, if you make a mistake, fix it immediately without discussion. Always turn mistakes into opportunities to show off how important pleasing your customer is to you. Make absolutely certain that your customer is completely happy with the job before leaving.

There is a saying that a happy customer will tell someone about the good experience and an unhappy customer will tell nine people about their unpleasant experience. Always strive to make every job a happy experience for your customer.

Quality work is a reflection of the professionalism your customers will appreciate. Consistent quality together with reliability is a combination that ensure referrals. Referrals increase your popularity and this allows you to increase your prices and profitability. Prospects are willing to pay more for better work and to deal with reliable and honest persons.

My father use to say that I should do every job as if my name would appear in big letters on the completed work. I tried to pass that lesson along to my son years ago when I visited him at one of his jobs. Because of his limited woodworking experience with me, his boss asked him to build some shelves in the storage room and they were looking awful. When I pointed that out he said that his boss told him it didn’t matter because it was in the storage room. I explained to him that when someone criticized the poor quality of the shelves to the owner, he would not take credit for them or even say that he told the person he didn’t care about the quality. Instead, he would name the person that made the shelves and they would be a reflection of that person’s abilities. My rule, always build things with pride in your work because you never know who it will influence.

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